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March 31 2016

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Dead Realm – catchy

   I don’t know that you have heard until now about this game, I have heard about it just a couple of weeks before and I need to say that it is a very catchy game. From the very first minutes of the game, I had the feeling that I want to play it more and more.

    Dead Realm is a game that was launched last year on Steam and until now it has many updates, so the current version is pretty awesome. The producers are Section Studios and I need to admit that they have taken a pretty big risk when they have launched this game. But that’s the way good business work, isn’t right?

   This game is a multiplayer game. The environment is pretty well designed, scary and most players that had the chance to play it had only good words about it. This is the reason I have decided to try it - click to play.

   You can play being a ghost that you can choose or a human. If you choose to be a human, you will have to hide from the ghost in a safe place or to run. If you run ahead the ghost, you will be in advantage since as a human you are heavier. You will have a couple of weapons to fight, but if you get caught by the ghost you die and become also a ghost and in this way you will have to catch other humans. The beauty of the game is this fact – that you practically can’t die in this game. You will be a part of it whether you are a human or a ghost - read more here.

   If you choose to be a ghost right from the beginning, you will be choosing in fact the easy way. You run after people, and when you catch them they become ghost like you and will be helping you to catch other people.

   Even though previously I have said that in this game you can’t actually die, there is a deadline – the games ends and the time goes out or when the main ghost along with the spirits trapped catch all the humans in the game.

   Right up to the moment, the game had many improvements and updates and more and more followers. This is actually a pretty good game that you can play with your friends. It’s fun. You should give it a try. 

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